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Ramadan 2022 – Hani Ramzy expects his image to be used in “The Returnees” as a “Mim” .. Find out why | news

Artist Hani Ramzy mocked Iranian media and bloggers’ use of a picture of a character he presented in one of his films to promote the killing of an Israeli officer in a bombing of the city of Erbil, Iraq.

Hani Ramzy said in an interview with the media, Sarah Dandrawi, on the program “Your Interaction” broadcast on Al-Arabiya channel: My reaction after watching the photo was laughter and surprise, and for this I wrote in a tweet, “We are in a time of wonders.” It is clear that the character of “Abu al-Arabi” is very influential, and I do not know what they saw in the picture and were inspired by it that it is an Israeli officer.

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He added: My brothers and friends in Iraq and Erbil responded in a sarcastic manner, and I bring them all love and appreciation, and I wish them peace, security and safety, and the recent Iranian attack was harsh and provocative.

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He continued, “My pictures are always used to express people’s feelings about promises and tasks that are talked about and not implemented, but I did not imagine that it would reach Iran and Israel.”

Hani Ramzy revealed that in the series “Al-Ayyoon”, which is scheduled to be shown next Ramadan, he will play the character of an officer who performs a great task, and he expected that the image of his character will be used in the work as “Mim” in the future.

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And the series “The Returnees” is based on a true story from the files of the Egyptian General Intelligence, which was revealed by the author of the work, Baher Dowidar, explaining that the general idea of ​​the work deals with the recycling of terrorism and its export to Egypt through returnees from ISIS, and how they were prepared there and manufactured in order to return them to Egypt to spread Terrorism, and most importantly, how the Egyptian state faced this challenge with a proactive plan and future vision that made it deal with this scheme early.

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The series was filmed most of its events outside Egypt, specifically in Jordan, Bulgaria and several European cities, and the preparation for it took many months, specifically after last Ramadan, where Amir Karara was settled to embody the role of the main hero of the work, who embodies a real character who performed a dangerous national mission in the heart of ISIS organizations in Syria and Iraq.


Over the past months, a state of controversy arose about the series, with news circulating that it would be the second part of the “Rebound Attack” series, which was shown last Ramadan and starred by Ahmed Ezz, but the author of the work, Baher Dowidar, denied this.


A large number of stars, headed by Amir Karara, Amina Khalil, Mahmoud Abdel-Mughni, Mohamed Farraj, Jihan Khalil, Islam Jamal, Mohamed Ezz, Hajar Al-Sharnoubi, Mido Adel, Sabri Abdel-Moneim, and a large number participate in the series Al-Ayedoun, written by Baher Dowidar and directed by Ahmed Nader Jalal. Among the stars who appear as guests of honor, including Muhammad Mamdouh, as well as Arab stars, including Ahmed Al-Ahmad and Junaid Zain Al-Din.

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