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مسلسل سوتس بالعربي

Ramadan 2022 – The second advertisement for the series “Sutts in Arabic” was released.. Ahmed Daoud’s version | news

The Watch it platform has released the second official announcement for the series “Suits in Arabic”, which is expected to be shown during Ramadan 2022, regarding the character embodied by Ahmed Daoud.

Aser Yassin and Ahmed Daoud play the characters of Zain Thabet and Adam Mansour, who are Harvey Specter and Mike Ross in the original version of the famous series Suits.

Suits series in Arabic

The series revolves around the world of law, and the American version has achieved wide fame in the Arab world, showing 9 seasons of it, and it is expected that the series “Suits in Arabic” will be shown on CBC, during the month of Ramadan.

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He is co-starring alongside Aser Yassin and Ahmed Daoud in the series; A group of stars, including Saba Mubarak, Reem Mustafa, Muhammad Shaheen and Tara Emad, the series, written by Muhammad Hefzy and Yasser Abdel Majid, produced by Tariq Al-Janayni, and directed by Maryam Ahmadi, and the American version of the series is very popular in the Arab world, where the series achieved a rating of 8.4 on IMDb website.

It is reported that Ahmed Daoud was absent from participating in the Ramadan 2021 drama, where his last dramatic work was the series “The Game of Oblivion” with Dina El-Sherbiny, Mahmoud Kabil, Engy El-Mokadam, Ahmed Safwat, Rajaa El-Jeddawi, Asmaa Abu El-Yazid and Ali Qassem, written by Tamer Habib. Directed by Ahmed Shafik.

Suits series in Arabic

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