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Ramadan drama in Morocco.. Momentum in production and criticism for repetition of content

Ramadan drama in Morocco.. Momentum in production and criticism for repetition of content

While television channels are betting on achieving high viewing rates during the peak season of television production, Moroccan viewers are looking forward to broadcasting works that live up to their aspirations and reconciliation with Ramadan productions.

This year, Moroccan channels offer a variety of Dramas Comedy and entertainment programmes. Will these works live up to the expectations of the public?

Diverse software network

The first and second channels announced a short time ago their network of programs for the month of Ramadan 2022, which included works that were shown for the first time, and others are new parts of programs that were shown during the previous Ramadan seasons.

Channel One said that this year’s production is characterized by the inclusion of continuous improvements and modifications to ensure quality for its viewers, while mobilizing all material, human and technical capabilities to remain true to their aspirations.

Among the dramas that will be shown on Channel One, the series “Judia”, in which actress Ibtisam Al-Arousi plays her first absolute starring, will also broadcast other drama series, including “Half Qamar” and “Mall Al Malih” as well as the social drama “Pia”. Nor Beck.”

With regard to comedies, this year will witness the return of the artist Hanan Al-Fadhili with the series “Banat Si Al-Taher” after a five-year absence from television, along with a number of other comedy programs.

In turn, Channel Two announced a Ramadan program package, which included a group of productions, including the “Safi Salina” series, which revolves around the diaries of a married couple during the pandemic period.

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Among the comedies shown on Channel 2, there will be “The Corner of Happiness”, where comedian Mohamed El-Khiary will co-star in this work with other names.

The comedian Hassan El-Fad returns to meet the viewers of Channel Two again in the “Kapoor” series, which recorded high viewing rates during its previous seasons.

Viewers of Channel Two will also be on a date with a number of Dramatic productionsAmong them is the series “Al Maktoob”, in which the artist Donia Boutazot plays the role of a popular singer at weddings.

Work on improving productions

And while criticism is renewed every year with the launch of TV channels to display their Ramadan productions, some works, especially drama series, have come to meet the taste of a wide range of people. Moroccan public and respond to his aspirations.

Moroccan film director and critic Driss Choueika says that one of the most prominent flaws Ramadan businessFalling into the trap of repetition, whether at the level of content or faces, and the failure to keep pace with the variables that society constantly knows, in a creative way that does not make it vulnerable to criticism.

In an interview with the “Sky News Arabia” website, Shweikeh believes that Ramadan productions should not be concerned with quantity, but should be based on quality as well, in a manner commensurate with the peculiarities of this month, so that it does not become a “decoration” accompanying the Ramadan family atmosphere.

The Moroccan critic stresses the need to define the goals and objectives behind the production of these works, so that the role of television is not limited to entertainment, and empties the latter from its communicative and educational role.

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And about the public’s criticism of these works and the rise in viewership rates during the month of Ramadan, the speaker believes that viewership rates do not reflect the reality of viewer satisfaction.