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Ramadan in Sudan.. Unfamiliar weather re-circulates an old prophecy

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Meteorologist.. The climate cycle has already begun its journey back

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For a long time, the weather conditions in Sudan remained similar to the pendulum of the clock in accuracy and monotony, as nothing new is mentioned or old is repeated, as it is hot in most periods of the year, with rains decreasing as we head north.

extreme climate

However, the weather conditions in Sudan have witnessed unprecedented extremes in recent years, which have attracted the attention of even ordinary citizens without expertise. The summer months have come with temperatures that roast the faces, and are about to touch the boiling points and burn the leaves of the trees. As for the fall, it comes with pouring water so that people fear that crops and offspring will perish.


There are strong indications of changing climatic conditions, shining in various forms, the most famous of which is rain in arid desert areas in the north, for long periods of time, the diameter of the sky over its land. Also, the phenomenon of seepage, which has come to threaten entire cities, some of which contain archaeological treasures, with disappearance.

An ancient prophecy and changing times

The current Ramadan weather was strange, at first glance it was suspected, and the vast majority of people were worried that it would come very difficult under the stings of the scorching heat, but the Ramadan weather contradicted all expectations and suspicions, in a way that many rejoiced, because the weather conditions came unusually, moderately. It tends to be relatively cold most of the day and night.

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These changing conditions and changing times brought back to mind an old prophecy made by an independent meteorologist named Al-Mundhir Ahmed Al-Hajj, last year, that the climate conditions in Sudan will return to their previous state a hundred years ago.

The meteorologist, who is followed by tens of thousands on social media sites in Sudan, confirmed his strange prediction that the climate cycle has actually begun the return journey, and upon its completion, the seasons will return to normal, a harsh winter, a short summer, a promising autumn and a beautiful spring – noting that the climate in Sudan does not witness a season. Spring – very rarely.

Meteorology: fluctuations of a transitional period

In turn, Muhammad Sharif, a spokesman for the Meteorological Authority in Sudan, told What is happening in Sudan now is weather fluctuations or climate fluctuations, or what we call the transitional period, and it is manifested in the summer-winter climate fluctuations, and from heat to cold.

He said that meteorology in Sudan is conducting a scientific study to monitor these scattered natural phenomena, in order to reach scientific facts to prove that it is a process of climate change or just normal climate fluctuations.

Sharif adds: Because climate change is followed by major measures, how to adapt to the change that occurs and limit its impact. And there are countries – he says – that have conducted practical studies that concluded the existence of climate change and started early warning operations. Because adaptation requires a change in all aspects of life, means of livelihood, forms of construction, and patterns of agriculture and grazing.

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Rains in the north, for example, need to change the pattern of flat-roof house construction. Considering how to protect dates – the most popular cash crop – which is threatened by rain and high humidity.

As for talking about the return of the climate to a hundred years ago, the climate will change gradually over thirty years or more.

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