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Ramadan Sobhi’s return to Al-Ahly is difficult.. Musimani does not like and hate

Ramadan Sobhi’s return to Al-Ahly is difficult.. Musimani does not like and hate

belbalady Walid Suleiman, Al-Ahly player, believes that the return of Ramadan Sobhi, the Pyramids winger, to the ranks of the Red Team is difficult.

Walid Suleiman spoke to MBC Egypt today, Friday, saying: “I was saddened by the departure of Ramadan Sobhi, and I made a decision that I think is incorrect.”

He continued, “Ramadan is a small player with a future in front of him, and I said it by Al-Ahly. He was preparing him to be one of the club’s legends, but he hastened and made a decision that I think was a mistake.”

When asked if he was a member of Al-Ahly’s administration and was offered the return of Ramadan Sobhi, how would his decision be, he replied, “The decision is very difficult.”

He continued, “There are constants in Al-Ahly that do not change, and no one can talk, even if inside him he wants to return. There are very difficult things in the club, which are red lines.”

And about his lack of significant participation with Al-Ahly under the command of Pitso Mosimane, he said: “This is the view of a technical director and I respect that I am a player like any player in the team linked to a contract with him and participation or not is a matter of the technical staff.”

He stressed, “There is no player in the world who requires a technical staff or club that he must play.”

When asked whether Musimani likes and dislikes, he replied, “I do not think that Musimani likes and dislikes, so what governs is the team’s interest.”

And he concluded, “If there is a player who causes the team to win, why won’t he involve him, because it is in his interest to win? But there is no coach who prefers that part over winning.”

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