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Ramez Jalal promotes his new movie, “My Brother is Above the Tree”.

extend/ The star, Ramez Jalal, is promoting his new movie “My Brother on the Tree” these days with great intensity, especially since the date of its start in cinemas has begun to count down, and it will be shown during the mid-year vacation.

Jalal shared, through his official accounts on social networking sites, new pictures of the film’s posters, saying: “My brother’s movie Above the Tree is on mid-year vacation, and may God complete it well and complete it with cover.

Also, the artist, Ramez Jalal, published a trailer for his new movie, “My Brother on the Tree,” through his official pages on social networking sites, and the date of its presentation in cinemas will be during the mid-year vacation. Upon our master Muhammad and his family and companions, the trailer of my brother’s film Above the Tree, and may God complete it well and complete it with concealment.

Ramez enters the competition, and he is one of the most prominent comedy stars in the cinema, as the story of his movie takes place in a comic framework. Two characters in the film, the first character is the main one in the events, while the second is his twin, “Bahaa”, who is a solid person who suffers from obesity and goes through various events in the film, and because of his suffering from obesity, it made the audience wonder if the character “Bahaa” resembles the same character as Ahmed Helmy in the movie “X-Large”, which he presented in 2011. Perhaps the situations and the story are different, which will be explained by the story of the movie.

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A love story arises between Ramiz Jalal and Nisreen Tafesh during the events of the film, which is the same similarity in the movie “X-Large”, where a love story arose between Helmy and Donia Samir Ghanem in the latest events. The movie “My Brother Above the Tree” starring Ramiz Jalal, Tara Imad, Hamdi El Merghany, Bayoumi Fouad, written by Loay El Sayed and directed by Mahmoud Karim.