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Ramy Radwan on the line of Rashwan Tawfiq's crisis with his daughter: What is this ingratitude?

Ramy Radwan on the line of Rashwan Tawfiq’s crisis with his daughter: What is this ingratitude?

The Egyptian media, Ramy Radwan, discussed the crisis that occupies public opinion, related to the issue of the disagreement of the mighty artist Rashwan Tawfiq with his daughter Aya, and Radwan said on his “Masaa dmc” program: “The heart is groaning with pain and sadness due to the struggle over money and property in the family of the artist Rashwan Tawfik, But the interesting thing is that his daughter did not respond to reconciliation despite the artist’s talk about the existence of an initiative for reconciliation with her, especially that he is kind and pure in heart, and he wants to solve the matter with his daughter.

He added that the artist, Rashwan Tawfiq, revealed his feelings with goodness and his father, “We started to see the other party, we met him, and then we called Professor Heba Rashwan, and we asked her what the situation was, there was no reaction. Do you imagine what ingratitude is? Izzy? The money is sinking, and God is sinking, the father and mother are hanging over the head and their legs are confused. It is not a grandson who has come out. Professor Rashwan says, and this is not a stone and he is talking about the villa, this is an unfortunate, cruel and ugly thing, and when Mr. Rashwan came to talk about peace, there is no reaction, there is no god but God, my heart is broken for my son, and my son’s heart is broken for me. Oh God, things will calm down.”

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The lawyer of the artist, Rashwan Tawfik, had indicated that he had proposed an initiative for reconciliation between the able artist and his daughter Aya, so it is not logical for family disputes to go out to the court arenas, stressing that despite his proposal for the initiative, it was also from the heart and conscience of Tawfiq Rashwan and he was welcome Very much, but his daughter refused it.

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