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Range of 380 km and a drill jack.  Ford E-Transit Custom is another electric truck of the brand

Range of 380 km and a drill jack. Ford E-Transit Custom is another electric truck of the brand

Does electricity make sense at all? In theory, yes – the electric motor’s high torque means the car can handle loads of all kinds, whether it’s a material like bricks, blocks, plasterboard, bags of cement, or a pile of “vercajku” work. Recovery, which largely saves braking, helps to maintain the brakes of the loaded car.

Photo: Ford

Ford E-Transit Custom provides the advanced ProPower Onboard network to power electrical tools, lighting, and other work equipment

It’s been a while since Ford introduced it electric version Classic Transit, so it was only a matter of time before the smaller Transit Custom appeared. Apart from appearance, Ford has not yet revealed many technical details, except for a range of up to 380 kilometers. The range is decent, but the question is how much that ton of merchandise will affect it.

However, Ford promises to be able to recharge very quickly using direct current and “excellent traction” when it comes to moving freight. There is no doubt that he will be a helpful and diligent worker, as we are accustomed to Transits.

It can also be seen that Ford used a head and thought a little ‘juice’ could always be on hand – E-Transit Custom has its own grille called the ProPower Onboard, which can be used not only to power power tools like a drill or jackhammer, but Also lighting and other work supplies, if they are not available near the classic outlet. very smart!

The lighting is then made entirely of LEDs, and with the exception of a new lighting design and blind grille at the front, which now understandably no longer performs its original function, the E-Transit Custom is actually only marginally different from the classic Transit Custom.

The wheels and main body panels still look the same visually, then the batteries are positioned differently from the floor, so they don’t take up cargo space and are also part of the floor’s supporting structure.

Production of the E-Transit Custom is set to begin in Turkey at the end of this year, and according to Ford’s current reports, at least three more commercial models with electric propulsion should be introduced by 2024.

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