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“Rania and Sakina” .. a harmonious duo and a “glamour” comedy | Marilyn Salloum

Comedy has recovered somewhat this year, as we watched more than one series during Ramadan that bears a comic character, but “with grace” and not lightly. Rely on the wit, the comedy of the situation, and the fluidity of the events.

And if this talk applies to “Happy Dreams” and “The Big Oy” as we mentioned earlier, it also applies to the series “Rania and Sakina” presented by director Sherine Adel, with a beautiful template that matches what the author Mohamed Salah Al-Azab wrote, even if the story is not As a whole, it is new to the drama, in terms of a wealthy girl escaping from the accusation of killing her father in order to prove her innocence, and her brother, sister and husband conspiring against her in greed for the wealth that her father singled out for her without others. A different flavor, and added to the beauty of the series, as the escape of the two girls was a reason to increase the doses of suspense in each episode, with complications and accumulations of cases and crimes.. Here the author succeeded in completing the story’s path upwards and maintaining the funny comic line all the time without falling into tragedies and sadness despite how much successive crimes.

The choice of Mai Omar and Ruby to play the roles of Rania and Sakina Mowaffaq, harmony between the duo and the lightness of shade in the way they deal with each other, especially that each of them has “charisma” and the ability to attract the audience, although Ruby is stronger in performance than Mai Omar, an actress who is more colorful than her partner. In the tournament, while Mai has abilities, but she did not present the best and strongest of what she has, the reason is that Mai speaks quickly and the voice is always the same, which makes her look like a diligent student who memorized the lesson well and came to hear it at once. She has the ability to develop, but she really needs to be trained Coloring in the voice, acknowledgment, and speaking without hurrying is as if he is running around talking to finish his task.

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With Ruby and Mai, Ahmed Khaled Saleh emerged as Riga the climber, a remarkable development in the performance of this young man who deserves difficult roles, and he has so far proven his talent in more than one job and color, and he also deserves absolute championship, provided that he is good at choosing the role and work.

A good and successful series, a large group of actors and guests of honor participated in it and participated in its success, including Farida Seif Al-Nasr, who rarely appears on the screen, but always looks different and capable and leaves an imprint even if her passage is short.

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