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Rania Youssef dances with Jawhara on her last birthday (video) - Watan

Rania Youssef dances with Jawhara on her last birthday (video) – Watan

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homelandThe Egyptian actress participated Raniya Yousif, The dancer is a gem Celebrating her 32nd birthday, in a noisy atmosphere in a Cairo hotel.

A more modest gem than Rania

The dancer, Jawhara, published several videos and photos through the “Al-Astori” feature on her “Instagram” account, documenting the atmosphere of the celebration.

Including a dance link for the artist Raniya Yousif Who wore a black off-shoulder dress, revealing a lot of her body.

While Johara wore a white formal suit, with a shiny silver top, meaning that she was more modest than Rania Youssef.

And they both performed a joint dance line to the tune of the song “Darling, open your window” And the”The gazelle is graceful.”

Jewel look on her birthday

Director Amr Salama was also keen to greet Jawhara on her birthday, and publish a picture with her.

A jewel in Japanese attire

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And Jawhara surprised everyone with her modest appearance in three days of events Cairo Film Festival In its 44th session, after its absence from the opening ceremony of the festival.

And a jewel appeared in a light green robe and pants, simulating the Japanese costume. I put on simple makeup.

Jawhara wore a modest Japanese outfit

And she was jewel She sparked controversy months ago, when she had a clash with a fan who insisted on taking souvenir photos with her during her wedding.

A fan hits a gem

At the time, the dancer’s guards intervened, and she got out fine.

And Jawhara appeared in a circulating video, as she got off the stage after she finished her paragraph at a wedding party that she performed. To be surprised by an unknown person pulling it out of his hair.

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The Russian dancer fell to the ground while security guards rushed to keep the unknown person away from her.

Rania Youssef in the Sultanate of Oman

In another context, Rania Youssef participated in a fashion show in the Sultanate of Oman, and appeared in a bold dress and new features.

Rania Youssef wore a long white dress with a chest opening BoldAnd the presence of a transparent embroidered “cap”.

Rania adopted the updo hairstyle, and coordinated her look with a “silver clutch” and silver shoes as well.

And Rania Youssef’s bold dress, from the signature House of La Bourgeois For the 2021 group.

Rania shared, through her account on “Instagram”, pictures of the event, praising the beauty of the Gulf country. And she wrote: “I was very honored to visit the Sultanate of Oman, a beautiful, elegant and clean country, with a classy, ​​respectful and calm people, and of course I hope to visit it at the next opportunity.”