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Rapper Talk releases his new single “The Mirror Theory”

UAE-born rapper Talk has released a new song titled “The Mirror Theory”, which truly captures the sentiments of the 23-year-old singer despite the difficulty of expressing such a story in the world of hip-hop that is influenced above all by outward appearance.
Commenting on the matter, Tak said, “I wrote the lyrics for this song after an emotional break-up, as I was confused about the reason for the breakup and how it led to this ending. But I realized after rethinking some previous situations that my partner had had so many problems in the past that she was unable to give me the love I needed. This is something that is difficult for us men to admit, we need love and affection as well.”
The video was shot by creative equipment company Hyper Jump Productions, choosing an empty swimming pool for the filming instead of the usual hip-hop arenas. The modern clip focuses on the emotional content of the song through the use of black and white stills, smart lighting, and quick transitions. Talking about it, Tak says, “I liked the end result, and I felt so relieved after watching the music video. It helped me gain confidence in the end.”
It is expected that Tack will be hosting live performances soon in conjunction with the re-launch of events in the UAE and the region: “I definitely intend to perform this song on stage in the coming months, I feel nostalgic for live performances and sing with passion and sincere feeling.” The talented sound engineer has been working in the field of composing music since In 2012, the distinguished producer and rapper succeeded in releasing more than 20 songs, playing a major role in the hip-hop scene in the UAE.
Tack participated in the Soul DXB performances as a lead artist, and gave an opening performance for rapper Kanu in Dubai. He recorded his attendance at ON.DXB Festival, and The Recipe’s 10th Anniversary Concert on the Queen Elizabeth II in 2019. He was a guest of Charlie Sloth’s famous Fire in the Booth.
Tack aspires to become one of the elite hip-hop stars in the Middle East thanks to his unique vocal talent, which is becoming more and more brilliant day by day.

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