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المعادن النادرة ترفع معدلات سرقة أجزاء من السيارات في المملكة المتحدة

Rare metals boost car parts theft rates in the kingdom

01:49 pm

June 21, 2021 Monday

London – (dpa):

A recent study in the UK has shown a significant increase in the number of car thefts, which are responsible for reducing the amount of “catalyst converter” emissions, which include rare metals.

“What?” According to a study conducted by the magazine. Incidents of theft of these components increased by 104% between 2019 and 2020, including 25 police stations in the UK, England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

The British News Agency (PA Media) has pointed out that car thieves are targeting areas with rare metals due to the high cost of these metals.

The increase rate of these accidents was in the North Wales region, where the number of accidents increased from 9 accidents in 2019 to 46 accidents in 2020, an increase of 411% annually.

The highest number of these accidents was in the West Midlands, with 1,626 car parts theft accidents in 2020, while the City of London recorded no such accidents during the study period.

The number of people who have stolen car parts containing rare metals in 25 regions of the UK in 5,857 accidents last year.

At the same time, the study pointed out that hybrid cars running on fuel and electricity are more susceptible to these accidents because the catalytic converter unit does not work much, so its condition is better.

A spokesman for the Toyota car maker said the theft of an exhaust control device was a serious problem in the UK and could affect victims psychologically and financially.

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“As a manufacturer we are working with all our might and cooperating with the police and all concerned to bring this crime to an end. But the scope of our action as a car manufacturer is limited in this area,” he added.