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Rashwan Tawfik's grandson reveals the details of his crisis with his grandfather

Rashwan Tawfik’s grandson reveals the details of his crisis with his grandfather

Muhammad Essam, the grandson of the artist Rashwan Tawfiq, and the son of his daughter, Aya Rashwan, denied filing the Hajar case against his grandfather, saying that the case is a civil lawsuit to cancel a power of attorney issued to him by his mother.

Essam said in statements to the Egyptian newspaper “Al-Watan”: “My mother has been working for my grandfather with a power of attorney for a long time, and she trusts him completely. In the property that he has come to.

The grandson added to the Egyptian newspaper that his mother asked his grandfather to go with her to the real estate registry to cancel the power of attorney; Because she no longer wants him, but he completely refused, adding: “My mother did not know what to do, and I spoke to him a lot, but he refused a face that sat with us and cursed us all and walked and we did not know what to do.”

The grandson of the able artist Rashwan Tawfiq explained that he was satisfied with sending a legal warning to his grandfather, in order to resolve the matter and cancel the power of attorney in his presence, but he also did not respond to the warning, indicating that there was no solution to cancel the power of attorney except by filing a civil case in which there are no provisions that harm his grandfather or Obligating him to compensate or something like that.

The artist Rashwan Tawfiq cried on the air during his hosting of the “One of the People” program with the media Amr Al-Leithi, after he talked about his crisis with his daughter Aya.

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