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Rashwan Tawfiq's lawyer reveals new scenes regarding his daughter's case

Rashwan Tawfiq’s lawyer reveals new scenes regarding his daughter’s case

The court postponed the first session of the lawsuit filed by Aya, the artist’s daughter Rashwan TawfikBy canceling the two powers of attorney issued by her to her father for the December 25 session, to include new litigants in the case.

Magdy Mahran, the lawyer of the Egyptian artist Rashwan Tawfik, revealed the reason for postponing the lawsuit filed by the daughter, saying, “We demanded the introduction of new opponents.”

Regarding the new opponents, he said, “Issam El-Din Hassan is Aya’s husband, and her son is Muhammad Essam El-Din andEgypt Bank“.

Mahran points out in his statements to “Sky News Arabia” that the request to enter the three opponents was because “it was supposed to be committed not to prejudice the deposit and the continuation of its return to the Egyptian artist, and they attached to the request a statement of the deposit and the pledges they made,” as he put it.

And he added: “Money deposit It was originally owned by the artist Rashwan Tawfiq, but it was placed in the name of his daughter and signed a pledge and acknowledgment from her, her husband and her son that this deposit will not be affected throughout the life of the able artist,” noting that the beneficiary of the deposit during the last period was the artist and not his daughter.

And he continued, “We demanded in a subsidiary invitation to oblige her to return the situation as it was regarding the deposit that her father made for her,” noting that “the session was postponed to December 25, to pay the subsidiary lawsuit and inform the new opponents of the entry sheet.”

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peace initiative

And about the reconciliation initiative that had been initiated by the Egyptian artist, “Mahran” confirmed that they “did not agree to it,” as he put it, and indicated that they renewed the peace initiative again, but it was not accepted, stressing that “the dispute is not with her and that they do not want Reconciliation amicably, but they want to sue and resort to the courts.”

And about the disappearance of Aya, the daughter of the artist Rashwan Tawfiq, the Egyptian lawyer said that she did not make any television interventions or press interviews because she is not a party to the case, as he put it.

He continues: “There is an external influence on her demanding that she not reconcile with her father, and the husband and son are both parties to the case, not the artist’s daughter, and the reason for her disappearance is that she has no words to say,” as he put it.

Magdy Mahran explains that “the daughter of the Egyptian artist has no legal right to file a lawsuit against her father while he is alive, because her father is the owner of this money.”

He said, “For the previous reasons, his daughter has no right to file a lawsuit against her father, according to the articles of the law. She will not win the case, and the judgment will be in favor of the artist.”

On the reason for the absence of the Egyptian artist, Rashwan Tawfiq, from attending the sessions, he said that he attends on behalf of the Egyptian artist with a proxy from him, pointing out that “it is normal to attend civil lawsuits by proxy, and the absence of the complainant in these cases is normal.”

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The Egyptian artist’s lawyer also said that “Rashwan Tawfiq does not have any conditions for reconciliation with his daughter, so returning the situation as it was is not a condition, as some have stated, because he wants to solve his problems with his daughter away from the courts.”

Tawfiq had been subjected to an influential personal crisis during the last period, after his daughter filed lawsuits against him due to a material dispute.

Many stars of Egyptian art were keen to support the artist, most notably the captain of the acting professions, the artist Ashraf Zaki, the artists Donia Samir Ghanem, Iman Al-Asi, Nashwa Mustafa, and others.