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Rawan bin Hussein mocks her “aunt” Mai Al-Aidan.. Video

Amir Fathi wrote on Tuesday, March 22, 2022 02:43 AM – The fascist, and the Kuwaiti artist, Rawan Bin Hussein, mocked her fellow media, Mai Al-Aidan, because of the latter’s criticism of the song “Adios” that she recently presented in the Moroccan dialect.

Bin Hussein sent a message to May Al-Aidan, during a video she posted on her personal account on “Snapchat”, while celebrating the arrival of her song to 15 million views on YouTube.

Rawan bin Hussein said in the video, “We will celebrate, God willing, 15 million for Adios, and for the eyes of my beloved Aunt Mai Al-Aidan, I dedicate her the song and dance in the upcoming Asturian.”

May Al-Aidan criticized the clip “Adeos” sung by her compatriot Rawan Bin Hussein, during her program “Account Statement”, explaining that “the song is bad in all respects.”

Al-Aidan said in her criticism, “The clip is bad, there is no content, no words, no melody, no distribution. The clip is not sweet and it costs nothing. Also, Rouen’s voice is not sweet. God clears AutoTunes, the computer plays with sound and turns any sound into a beautiful sound.”

May Al-Aidan continued her criticism of Rawan, saying, “At least the first clip was wide and sweet, but the new clip is bad, not sweet.”

Al-Aidan told Rawan, “I hope that she focuses, and her problem is not focusing on anything. Is she a blogger, a law student, a singer, a fashionista, or an acting student? I don’t understand what a person is all about. A person is always distinguished in more than the other field.”

And she continued, “Rawan is anything that has fame that she wants to do, and the biggest evidence is that until this moment, despite graduating from the Faculty of Law, she has not practiced legal work as a lawyer.”

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