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Rayana and Ali, what do you know about the first Saudis to go into space?

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Social media pioneers interacted with the imminent launch of the first Saudi historic flight to the International Space Station, within the Kingdom’s 2030 vision.

Yesterday, the Saudi Space Authority announced on its Twitter page that preparations for the launch of the first Saudi female astronaut, Rayana Barnawi, and Saudi astronaut Ali Al-Qarni, who will be on the flight this evening, have ended.

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The flight will be launched by a Falcon 9 rocket and a Dragon 2 vehicle to transport the mission crew to the International Space Station. The flight will also include conducting 14 scientific research experiments.

The Saudi journey into space aims to contribute to international research and scientific research in a number of priority areas such as health, sustainability and space technology, to take advantage of the promising opportunities offered by the space sector and its industries globally, and to qualify experienced cadres for space flights.

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