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Rayana Bernawi begins her first scientific experiment in space.. What is it?

What is Rayana Bernawi’s first scientific experience in space?

Saudi astronaut Rayana Barnawi confirmed that she had taken her first steps in scientific experiments in space.

Today, from the International Space Station, she said in a tweet on her Twitter account, “The first steps in starting scientific experiments, is to experiment with the response of immune cells to infections using the Live Experiment Box.”

And I participated Rayana BernawiEarlier, she posted a new photo with her followers on Twitter, which she attached to the comment, “I flew my grandmother’s throat in space,” reaping a lot of interaction and views that exceeded a million.

Last Sunday, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia launched the scientific flight heading to space, carrying the first Saudi astronauts, Rayana Bernawi and Ali Al-Qarni, from the International Space Station (ISS) in Cape Canaveral, Florida, USA.
And the Saudi Press Agency, “SPA”, stated that the mission aims to conduct pioneering scientific and research experiments, the results of which contribute to strengthening the Kingdom’s position globally in the field of space exploration, serving humanity, highlighting the role of Saudi research centers and affirming their tireless efforts in making a scientific impact in this field.
She added that astronauts During their trip, they will go through 11 research and scientific experiments in a microgravity environment, in addition to 3 educational interactive experiences with school students in the Kingdom, bringing the total number of experiments to 14 experiments aimed at conducting human research and cell sciences, and artificial seeding experiments in a microgravity environment.
She stated that the flight is part of the Kingdom’s program for astronauts, which is one of the programs that aims, in its first phase, to send two astronauts on a manned flight to the International Space Station, at an altitude of approximately 420 km above the Earth’s surface.

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