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Real 'Fortnite' Season 4 'Paradise' Teasers Released, Chrome Map Consuming

Real ‘Fortnite’ Season 4 ‘Paradise’ Teasers Released, Chrome Map Consuming

We’re a week or so away from the release of Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 4, and while we know a few things about it, we’re finally able to see the overall theme, like what Gwen Stacy will look like in a Battle Pass. The season, thanks in part to the epic, and in part thanks to a few leaks.

I’m a little confused about the tweet itself, but can’t really see it Fortnite timeline. But this shows a business where the grain is affected by some kind of new chrome plate:

There are two of these, spotted on TikTok, and one of them thought it might be posted soon:

The associated season’s name is PARADISE, which is vaguely confusing since it’s related to the plague spread by Chrome. This corresponds to the previous image of Paradigm arriving from the chrome array. These addresses are similarly different:

  • It consumes everything.
  • Chrome consumes everything, Chrome is everything.
  • Consume everything.

“Infecting” the map certainly isn’t a new concept to Fortnite, whether that’s covering all the ice, or more recently, weird wildlife, but I think Chrome is new. You may think chrome-plated items are indestructible. I’d also expect some kind of item your character could use to keep the shield up for a while, like Metal Mario. But yes, in the grand scheme of Fortnite stories, the Liquid Chrome panel is definitely one of the strangest we’ve encountered.

With a week left, I expect more teasers to appear during the week, although I doubt we’ll get any. Full of Details about what chromium is over the course of life. As of now, we don’t have any date or time for the live event leading up to next season, but I’d be surprised if it does. nothingUsually, this isn’t the way Fortnite does. While the events lately have been less map developments and more scripted quest sequences, let’s see what they have planned this time around.

Well, there’s a different chrome season coming up, I guess. Let’s see what will be revealed over the next week and where it all goes.

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