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Real Madrid and other big clubs have established an independent league for the billions

The leaders of the new project, according to Reuters, are Manchester United, Juventus Turin and Real Madrid, whose boss Florentino Perez became the first president of the Super League. The other members of the competition are Liverpool, Manchester City, Chelsea, Arsenal, Tottenham, Barcelona, ​​Atletico Madrid, Milan and Inter Milan.

Superliga officials said they would like 15 so-called founding members, which would add five eligible clubs to a total of twenty entrants each season. When the competition should begin, its representatives did not announce. Previous plans spoke of 2022/23.

The announcement of the Premier League came just hours before UEFA submitted a plan for the UEFA Champions League review, which now has 36 participants. UEFA stated that it was ready to use “all means” against secession.

Slavia withdrew, but will receive 400 million crowns for the cup season

“Interested clubs will be banned from playing in any other competition at the national, European or global level, and their players may be barred from representing their national teams,” said UEFA, which thanked the clubs in Germany and France that did not join the project. “We call on all football fans, fans and politicians to join us in the fight against this project. Minority selfishness has prevailed here for a long time. UEFA officials said Sunday, when the Premier League announcement was about to happen.”

UEFA also sided with FIFA, which declared its “opposition” to the closed separatist European League “outside the fabric of international football.”

Superliga officials said they are planning “solidarity payments” for the rest of European football, which will exceed the amount UEFA is currently paying. In the 23 years that the Premier League clubs have signed up, the sum is supposed to be more than 10 billion euros (259 billion crowns).

“We will help football at all levels and get it to its rightful place in the world. Football is the only global sport with more than four billion fans, and it is our responsibility as great clubs to respond to their desires,” said Premier League President Perez. The Premier League teams themselves will work with a € 3.5 billion fund dedicated to infrastructure projects and the impact of the covid-19 pandemic. This money will not be used for player transfers.

Politicians from some major football countries spoke out immediately against the new project. French President Macron said the Premier League “threatens the principle of solidarity and the essence of sport”. The Elysee Palace said, “The French state will support all steps of the French League, the French Football Association, the European Football Union and FIFA to protect the integrity of the federal competitions, whether they are national or European.”

British Prime Minister Johnson chose similar words. “These plans could have a devastating effect on football. It attacks the core of local competitions and worries fans across the country. Participating clubs will have to respond to their fans and the wider football community before further action is taken.”