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Real Madrid rejects the decisions of “UEFA” regarding the events of the European Champions Final

Real Madrid rejects the decisions of “UEFA” regarding the events of the European Champions Final

The Spanish team, Real Madrid, considered that the set of decisions taken by the European Football Association, against the background of the events that took place in the team’s meeting in the European Champions League final against the English team Liverpool at the end of last season, were insufficient, and demanded that they be corrected and that they bear full responsibility.

And UEFA announced, last Tuesday, that it would compensate the fans of the “Reds” team and other fans, following the problems that occurred in front of the doors and surroundings of the “Stade de France” in the French capital, Paris, which caused a delay in the start of the final match by more than 30 minutes.

And the Real Madrid team statement, which it posted on its official website on Wednesday, said: “On February 13, 2023, a report prepared by a team of experts appointed by UEFA was published, and after examining documents and test results, the team confirmed that (UEFA) itself is directly responsible for what happened near the stadium.”

The Royal Club statement added: “A number of fans were victims of theft of tickets and personal belongings, such as bags, phones and wallets, and more seriously, a number of them were subjected to physical assaults that required medical attention and hospitalization.”

And the statement continued: “Given the experts’ strong conclusions and the seriousness of the facts presented, Real Madrid has held talks with UEFA, in order to evaluate the proposed compensation to be offered to the fans. Unfortunately, our team considered that UEFA’s proposal, announced on Tuesday, was insufficient and related to the payment of tickets. It is also subject to fulfilling a series of requirements, including proof of the time of entering the stadium.

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The Royal Club’s statement did not stop there, as it also stated: “The report highlights that all the fans who attended the final match were victims of poor organization, in addition to an unacceptable lack of security during the process of entering and leaving the stadium, in addition to other damages such as being subjected to thefts.” attacks and threats.”

And the officials of the Spanish team sent a strong message to the “UEFA” body, stating: “The Real Madrid team decided not to cooperate in the limited compensation procedures promoted by UEFA, and we demand that they be corrected and bear full responsibility.”

Real Madrid’s statement concluded that a remote section will be established in the next few days in order to serve the club’s fans who suffered damage during the final match, as they will be allowed to file a complaint against UEFA and defend their rights.