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Recent study: Being overweight can lead to ovarian cancer

Recent study: Being overweight can lead to ovarian cancer

That was found in a recent study Overweight This may be one of the reasons why women get cervical cancer, if in the study a woman weighs more than her height, for example, her height is 165 centimeters, and her weight is 12.7 kilograms more than the ideal weight, the probability is that this woman is up to 50% affected by cervical cancer.

The study, conducted by Cancer Research UK, included 120,000 women in the UK, US and five countries.

The charity says maintaining a healthy weight reduces the risk of 13 types of cancer, and that genes and hormones may be other risk factors.

The study, led by a team from the University of Bristol, one of the largest studies linking fat and ovarian cancer, examined the impact of weight gain on life, and linked two types of hormones to obesity and ovarian cancer.

Leading researcher Emma Hazlewood said: “This study is the first step in how genetic analysis can be used to reveal exactly how obesity causes cancer and what needs to be done to address it.”

Julie Sharp, head of health information at Cancer Research, said: “Studies like these support the fact that being overweight or obese is the second leading cause of cancer in the UK and can help us begin to identify the cause and how it can prevent cancer and its treatment in the future.

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