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Reconciliation on the air .. Baha Sultan returns to sing!

Reconciliation on the air .. Baha Sultan returns to sing!

Long years of strife and estrangement have come to an end, when the Egyptian singer Baha Sultan and the lyrical producer Nasr Mahrous made peace on Monday evening.

After the duo was a guest of the Egyptian artist, Esaad Younes, on her program, she mediated to end the dispute between them, especially since this is not the time or the first attempt made by Esaad Younes in order to end the dispute.

However, on Monday evening, she succeeded in hosting the duo together, in order to formally approve the reconciliation in front of everyone, for the producer, Nasr Mahrous, to announce that he had given up everything against Baha Sultan by virtue of the ten years that united them.

He pointed out that some were insulting him without understanding the details of the matter, but he forgave and announced that what Baha Sultan had in common are years of friendship and brotherhood, before which he would overlook all material and lyrical matters.

It came out from under his hand

Especially since Baha Sultan as a lyrical project came out from under his hand, and therefore his hand will remain extended to Baha Sultan, and therefore the hand that built the building will not be the hand that does the demolition.

Baha Sultan’s relationship with Nasr Mahrous, which began in 1998 when Sultan entered the “Free Music” company owned by Nasr Mahrous, however, recent years have witnessed crises related to contracts, which made Sultan away from singing and unable to release any albums.

Bahaa Sultan

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During the episode, Nasr Mahrous signed a discharge in favor of Baha Sultan, exempting him from any financial dues as a result of the concerts Sultan gave during the crisis, and also exempting him from the obligation to present albums with Nasr Mahrous during the coming period.

2 new songs

According to the release, Baha Sultan can contract with any other singing company to present his albums, but the surprise was the release of two new songs in conjunction with the end of the episode, and producer Nasr Mahrous considered them as a gift for Baha Sultan.

For his part, Baha Sultan expressed during the meeting his condolences and appreciation for Nasr Mahrous, as the one who contributed to making his name and introducing it to the singing community. Sultan explained that he is very happy with the end of the dispute that spanned for years.

The owner of the song “Ya Ya Ya Habibi” explained that the producer told him that he had to leave the company with his head held high and a great value among the singers, as he had always been inside it.