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Celková rekonstrukce výpravní budovy ve Veselí nad Lužnicí má proměnit zejména vnitřní dispozice.

Reconstruction of the station in Veseli is in full swing. Looking at

As said Nella Fribova, a spokeswoman for the railway administration, this is a complete reconstruction of the station building. She explained the basic parts of the reconstruction: “In particular, the interior design will change, the store space will increase, new offices and new social facilities for passengers will be built, which has not yet existed.”

New roof and gears

first train It passed through these places according to historical sources in 1871. Veselské nádraží is still one of the main railway junctions in South Bohemia. The modern platform and new transfer terminal will be tuned in May through the new terminal building.

The whole building is already without a roof and then it will get a new one, including the truss, and the historical building will get a new facade, windows and doors. “This project is co-financed by the European Union (EU) from the Cohesion Fund under the Operational Program Environment (OPE),” Fribova added, adding that OPE expenditures amount to 6,144,109 kroner and the EU subsidy can reach 2 ,764,849 kronor.

Passengers are not limited to reconstruction. “Incidental noise from the building can be reduced as much as possible. The cash registers and transport office are now outside the building,” the spokeswoman for the railway department added.

building values

It’s not a memorial, so the conservationists’ monuments didn’t need the opinion of the railway department. “It is true that the building is not under the protection of monuments, but it is a building of architectural value. Therefore, we mainly consulted with the Department of Archeology of the city of Sobslav about the method of the proposed measures to reduce the energy intensity of the building,” concluded Nela Fribova.

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Recently, the Strakoni family also completed the station, at the moment the railway department is also renovating the building of the České Budějovice station, and the next is Tábor.