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record acceleration.  The Pininfarina Battista electric car reaches 100 km / h in less than two seconds

record acceleration. The Pininfarina Battista electric car reaches 100 km / h in less than two seconds

No longer just focused on design, Studio Pininfarina has published performance data for the Battista electric supersport. Displayed at the Dubai Autodrome in the United Arab Emirates, the electric car made its debut in the Middle East, and celebrated a series of world records recently achieved in the final round of homologation.

The Battista’s performance data was recorded and verified in Nardo, Italy, as part of the vehicle’s global testing and development program earlier this year. Acceleration from zero to 96 km / h takes 1.79 seconds. It accelerates from zero to 100 km/h in 1.86 seconds, from zero to 193 km/h in 4.49 seconds, and to 200 km/h in just 4.79 seconds, and its top speed is 350 km/h.

Those numbers make it the fastest accelerating road-legal vehicle, at least until Rimac decides to upgrade the Nevera’s performance specs.

The fastest electric car is the Croatian Rimac


“The optimal weight distribution and low center of gravity are the basis for this result,” said chief engineer Paolo Dellacha.

The car has four electric motors that together produce 1,417 kW, 1,900 horsepower and 2,300 Nm of torque. The Croatian company Rimac offers a 120 kWh battery, T-shaped and mounted lower for better weight control.

Photo: Pininfarina

Pininfarina Batista

Each car is handcrafted in Italy and takes approximately 1,250 hours to complete. It is planned to produce 150 cars, with prices starting from 2.2 million euros, equivalent to 53.5 million crowns.

Production started in July and the first deliveries to customers are now taking place. We first saw the car in 2018 during the Monterey, California auto show.

Photo: Pininfarina

Pininfarina Batista

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