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Redesigned Android Auto gives listening apps a new interface

Chances are we will see a redesign from Google on Android Auto, and the new change in that upcoming interface shows an easy-to-use tool that Coolwalk will bring to Spotify and possibly other listening apps as well.

It was also spotted on RedditIt looks like recent updates to Android Auto and Spotify may lead us to see a new dual-page UI for the Music app that works with the platform’s upcoming “Coolwalk” redesign. The change was only spotted in an early state, as it has not yet been released. Instead, it was accessed through an Android smartphone of course.

What’s new here?

We’ve known for a while that the new Android Auto user interface will have a music widget as one of the options for displaying content on displays of all sizes. In the current look of Android Auto, music apps can be launched in full screen mode, or minimized to a logo with play/pause and tracking controls on the bottom bar. At least, this is the case with most displays in most vehicles. On wider displays, you’ll also get the option to view both apps side by side, which is akin to what happens in Coolwalk.

With the new widget, Android Auto not only provides music controls and displays music, artist, and album information, but also a second page that includes Spotify’s “For You” interface. This includes some playlists, as well as a “shuffle” option. It’s a neat use of space and can certainly provide the transition to the full application and its full display on the screen.

Currently, this UI appears to be used only by Spotify, but it seems reasonable to assume that other players like YouTube Music will follow suit. In general, all music apps on Android Auto support the same features, more or less.

However, we won’t know for sure until Google finally starts rolling it out to everyone. The redesign of Android Auto was announced in May 2022, but we haven’t seen an announcement yet on its official launch.

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