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Redheaded after eighteenth victory over the Germans: We got fed up but dissatisfied

“We were ready for the Germans from the video. We played a bad game with the Swiss in general, and we had to get up completely and work on what we wanted to play. We did what we said one way or another. We have complicated things,” Resavo said with a smile. “We are ourselves, how can we do it?” Sometimes, “he added.” But we did well and that’s the main thing. ” We can feel satisfied but we are not satisfied.

The whole team understood the importance of the match very well from the point of view of further work in the tournament. “We also came under pressure from the Czech Republic because it was the most important game in the group. We got into that with the fact that we are collecting points. Not that we will play for them, but they are basically ours. It’s great that we entered the tournament victorious, and we can confidently go to the next match,” But at the same time with humility, because strong opponents are waiting for us, we should not be afraid at the same time, this victory can only help us, “confirmed Resavo.

Successful entry into the World Championships. Young Czechs dealt with Germany

Czech youths fired forty bullets at the German goal. “I think we could have had more of them, there were a lot of opportunities for them. They shot great, especially, which was progress because we had problems sometimes. Forty good shots, but we could have scored more goals. We should be.” More certain in the pre-goal area, we still have to work on that, because there they win in such a narrow field, ”Resavi said.

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The conclusion was not as intended

Despite a three-goal lead, coach Jacob Peter’s defenders did not play the score well. Although they escaped the penalty unscathed, the opponents displayed two punches of power in quick succession. And in the 56th minute they also collected.

“Once we play there at six, it can happen, but it shouldn’t happen to our team in such a part of the game. Then there was a little pointless duel in which we put a lot of energy in. We really wanted it,” Resavi said: “We did Just complicate it ourselves. If I knew why this happens sometimes, we wouldn’t do it for long. I don’t know why it happens to us sometimes. “

The failed final minutes also bothered him due to the broken clean account of goalkeeper Tomas Sushanik. “I was hoping we could keep it, I was really wishing him a clean account. He deserved it, he captured the whole match really cool. I was so sorry it didn’t work out, but we weren’t going to do anything about it. Anymore, it was our fault.” , Expressed his regret.