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Referral of a Lebanese judge to the Disciplinary Council .. Causes and repercussions

Referral of a Lebanese judge to the Disciplinary Council .. Causes and repercussions

Informed judicial sources reported, Sky News Arabia, that Judge Aoun She threw during a ceremony in honor of her in French Senateorganized for her by one of the candidates to the Parliament in Lebanon, a speech that included political positions in which she gained a reputation Judges and the judiciary in LebanonShe accused her fellow judges of weakness and cowardice in the fight against corruption.

The sources added that her previous files were moved and transferred from the Judicial Inspection Authority with a majority of the members of the body to the Disciplinary Council, after her controversial statements.

Sky News Arabia learned that the judicial inspection issued its decision on this referral last week, after completing its investigations into previous referrals to the inspection, and the hearing of Judge Aoun’s statements became lengthy regarding her, earlier, when she answered his call for this purpose.

Aoun responds

Aoun responded in a media statement, saying: “I was surprised that I was referred to a disciplinary board because of my travel to FranceEspecially since I submitted a travel permit from the Minister of Justice in addition to my contact with him.”

She added, “I am waiting for the outcome of matters in this judicial procedure. As for the financial files that I follow, I will continue with them and will not fail in cases that concern all the Lebanese people and the crimes committed against them, and I will confront them with the strength of argument, law and justice.”

And media sources revealed to Sky News Arabia that Lebanese Minister of Justice He denied that he had given permission to Judge Aoun to travel to France.

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Judge Aoun had vowed to prosecute the governor of the Banque du Liban, Riad Salameh, after she heard the testimony of his brother, Raja Salameh, regarding contracts and financial transfers to his accounts outside Lebanon, and issued an arrest warrant against him and arrested him after the end of the investigation with him.

12 suits

Judicial journalist Youssef Diab told Sky News Arabia that “Judge Ghada Aoun was referred to the inspection in about 12 cases against her, and she was writing tweets accusing her fellow judges of being cowards and not daring to pursue the corrupt.”

He added, “Aoun received many warnings from Supreme Judicial CouncilAnd she is affiliated with the President of the Republic’s team, and she was referred to the inspection, and Judge Oweidat stopped her hand from financial files and pursuing banks, and she did not comply and conducted raids in which force, breaking and dislocation of financial institutions was used.

Diab expected, after the disciplinary council’s investigation with her, that “the Minister of Justice will suspend her work pending the issuance of the disciplinary council’s decision and stop practicing her work because she is a rebel against the Supreme Judicial Council.”

offensive remarks

Lawyer Michel Falah told Sky News Arabia: “I consider Judicial inspection These statements against senior judges require referral to the Disciplinary Council, and Aoun has violated the most important item of the basic rules of ethics for judges, which is the judge’s refusal to review the media and publicize opinions related to the files he is working on, by endorsing a prior opinion of these cases, on a political background.

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Falah added, “Judge Ghada Aoun participated in a media show, along with a candidate for the parliamentary elections in Lebanon, and her participation turned into a clear electoral campaign.”

He continued, “Here we ask: Did Aoun obtain permission from the Minister of Justice to travel to Paris to participate in a seminar in the French Senate? What is the position of the Ministry of Justice regarding these meetings?”

And he concluded by saying, “Doesn’t a meeting held by Judge Aoun with one of the personalities running for the elections contradict the principle of separation of powers?”