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Regarding “the daughter’s cases” .. Rashwan Tawfiq’s lawyer sets off surprises “in bulk.”

Regarding “the daughter’s cases” .. Rashwan Tawfiq’s lawyer sets off surprises “in bulk.”

And he said Majdi Mahran In exclusive statements to “Sky News Arabia”, the recent crisis is not about the issue of Hajar, stressing that the matter is a “dispute between Aya and her father,” explaining that there is a “misunderstanding that occurred through social media.”

And Mahran blew up a surprise about the lawyer’s acceptance Mohamed Essam El Din (son Aya Rashwan) The peace initiative that he recently launched, hoping that Aya would accept the same thing and “come to her father’s bosom and end this crisis.”

3 sessions

He explained that the current dispute between them was set for court sessions, and they were discussed, and there are three other sessions, the first on December 4, and the second on December 20.

He continued, “While the third session will be held on December 29, he has not yet been notified of it, not even the nature of the lawsuit filed against the Egyptian artist.”

and what those issues are; He indicated that it all revolved around the invalidity of the power of attorney issued by the daughter to her father Rashwan TawfikIn addition to the invalidity of the actions carried out under this power of attorney.

And he added: “When he was Egyptian artist He buys any real estate or property that he registers in the name of his children, and they issue powers of attorney to their father as a message of reassurance that these properties were still his; Under these powers of attorney, he can sell for himself and for others as well.

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“oral dispute”

The lawyer pointed out that Aya was the one who initiated the lawsuits; The first is to cancel the powers of attorney, and the second is to request the invalidity of re-dividing the inheritance among the children under those powers of attorney, which ignited a dispute between them.

He explained that the dispute has been taking place orally for 3 months. However, the judiciary entered the crisis line about two months ago.

Regarding this dispute, he said: “What took place in those disputes was the daughter’s expression of her strong anger and resentment at the re-partition of the inheritance,” denying that there was any quarrel between them “at all”, as he put it.

Mahran stressed that “the Egyptian artist has not had any judicial litigation throughout his life, and this crisis is his first case ever,” stressing that he was “surprised that his daughter resorted to the judiciary without his knowledge.”


Tawfiq’s lawyer denied resorting to litigation; Rather, he described him as “suing in self-defense,” saying: “He will not be happy with the ruling in the case, as much as he is happy with the return of his daughter and grandson to his embrace.”

And about Tawfiq’s reaction upon learning of the case against him, he confirmed that he felt very sad, noting that he said: “It is impossible for my relationship with my daughter to end in this way.”

Mahran continued, “His sadness was not due to the lawsuit, but how did the love for his crude rivalry turn in this way.”

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He also denied his interference in the judicial rationale, “because it is being considered before the judiciary,” adding, “But we can intervene to solve the family crisis and make an appeal to Aya, and her son Essam El-Din, to return to the big bosom.”

“Sky News Arabia” contacted the artist, Rashwan Tawfiq, but he did not answer his phone, and he also contacted his eldest daughter, the media, Heba Rashwan, but she refused to talk about the issue again.

Tawfiq had announced that he was suffering because of a crisis that brought him together with his youngest daughter, Aya, and this came during his crying appearance on one of the television programs.

Many stars of Egyptian art were keen to support Tawfiq after what he announced, most notably the captain of the acting professions, the artist Ashraf Zaki, the artists Donia Samir Ghanem, Iman Al-Asi, Nashwa Mustafa, and others.