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Regional channels between terrestrial broadcasting and dreams of staying in space

Report – Hatem Gamal El Din:

Posted on: Thursday, June 17, 2021 – 11:12 PM | Last update: Thursday, June 17, 2021 – 11:12 PM

* Disagreement within the “Representatives” over the project to stop the satellite broadcasts of the regional states
* Concerns among the workers that the project’s launch will be the beginning of ending the service of the regional media

Will the National Media Authority take advantage of the hype around local channels to reform this vital sector? .. From where does this expected reform begin, terrestrial or satellite broadcasts? And how will the regions regain their activity in the service of development media in the regions of Egypt? .. Questions are raised behind the scenes of Maspero and its annexes outside the capital, and are awaiting answers.
Media Hussain Zain, head of National Media, recently met with the heads of local channels, during which he listened to their views and the problems facing them, their visions and ideas for development and solving problems, and asked them to develop plans, ideas and proposals that would activate the role of their channels to serve the region in which it is located, and create spaces for cooperation with the concerned authorities Territory and maximizing joint cooperation to achieve a return for all parties.
He stressed that this is the real role that regional channels should work to achieve, which imposes their presence on the scene in this region, while he did not specify whether they will broadcast their programs terrestrial or satellite.. He sufficed with the phrase “impose its presence, whatever the method of broadcasting.”
The state of controversy raised by the dialogue about regional channels in Parliament, whose crisis erupted after a proposal submitted by Parliamentarian Shaima Halawa to the Complaints and Suggestions Committee, to download regional channels from the third to the eighth from Nilesat in order to save expenses, and she supported her opinion on the idea of ​​directing these funds to comprehensive development processes for those The stations are in terrestrial broadcasts.
There were conflicting opinions about proposals to stop its satellite broadcast to provide one million and 400 thousand dollars to be paid to Nilesat, and between its role in supporting development projects in the region of Egypt, opening windows for enlightenment and knowledge, and expressing the concerns and aspirations of the Egyptian citizen in villages and hamlets, this controversy came to open again an opportunity to reconsider the regional channels.
The parliamentary proposal again called for the idea of ​​receiving high-quality terrestrial broadcasts through receivers, and the project that was announced in March of 2017 and was not implemented, then the leaders of Maspero summoned it again with Egypt hosting the African Nations Championship in January of 2019, in order to make matches available to the public Al-Masry did not bear the huge sums requested by the monopoly company for world championships in exchange for transferring matches on open satellite broadcasts, but the project did not do according to the perceptions that make it an alternative to satellite broadcasting, and a solution to the problem of unlicensed links that spread in popular neighborhoods, especially since the project is linked to providing attractive content on Al-Watania Media channel group after developing and supporting them with exclusive shows of films, series, programs and major sports tournaments, which was not achieved.
At a time when Dr. Doria Sharaf El-Din, head of the Parliament’s Culture, Tourism and Media Committee, rejected the parliamentarian’s proposal, saying that the solutions lie in developing the content of these channels, not broadcasting them terrestrially, no objections were raised by Maspero media officials who stopped visiting the localities years ago, while Take the initiative to summon the regional cadres for extended meetings in the capital to discuss chronic problems and postponed development projects.
The proposal encountered objections from the workers in the regions, who emphasized the strategic dimension of the regional channels, especially in the border areas, and some of them demanded the intervention of President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi to stop the project, which may be tantamount to ending the service of the regions, and replacing them with a comprehensive development of channels whose studios suffer from extreme poverty in everything.
While the workers expressed their concern about this shift to terrestrial broadcasting, which will limit the scope of its spread within the provinces of the region, at a time when the people of the regions are looking to reach their ideas, talents and creativity to the world, especially since these channels witnessed a golden period in which they competed strongly with major channels, and the third channel was effective. It is open to the details of life in the capital, and the fourth was a competitor for the lead with sports channels, and the fifth channel was distinguished in presenting variety programs, and the eighth in presenting a civilized face of Egypt with its history and antiquities, while the sixth and seventh channels painted a picture of rural societies in the Delta and Upper Egypt on the screen.

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