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Rehabilitation of workers in the field of folklore (3

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There is an important aspect in which I would like to talk about the culture of folklore specialists, I mean the knowledge related to this field, which is a wide-ranging and multifaceted culture, given that heritage includes all aspects of life in the past.

Hence, it is necessary for these specialists, researchers in folklore, to be familiar with many topics that fall within the human sciences, the most important of which are: general geography, especially the geography of the Arabian Gulf Basin, because it is a study of the natural environment that embraced this heritage and the people of the region interacted with it and left its deep imprint in the Their economic and social life, and the modern and contemporary history of the Emirates and the Arabian Gulf, given the need to place the elements of heritage in their historical context.

There is no doubt that the events of local and regional history explain to us many points related to the social, economic and political systems that prevailed in the Emirates and the rest of the Arab countries of the Gulf, with which we have very close ties.

Folk literature in its various branches (local dialect – Nabati poetry – proverbs – riddles – stories and fables…) is an indication of the popular taste and a record of the values, customs, traditions, customs and psychosocial trends of the Emirati people in the past. And folk arts (songs – music…) and the extent to which they are affected by the arts of other peoples that had economic, social and cultural relations with the people of the Emirates.

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Perhaps general sociology, being concerned with the study of human societies and their interactions, helps to deepen the researcher’s understanding of social life and his analysis of social relations in the ancient Emirates society, and cultures, and the institutions that shaped Emirati human life and history, and anthropology are of great importance to researchers in the origins of social systems .

If the institutes and institutions concerned with heritage affairs give scholars and those affiliated with their scientific courses broad lines of those topics, then the great task falls on the shoulders of the scholars themselves to take care of educating themselves, and to draw from the abundant sources of science and knowledge.