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Reham Saeed announces her retirement from presenting programs and returning to acting again

Anchor, Reham Saeed, announced her retirement from presenting programs, and her return to acting again after she retired from acting in 2015, and wrote Post through her personal account on the Instagram website, saying: “I thought a lot before writing this post, I retired from acting in 2015 because I felt that the owner Palin is a liar and that acting has affected the path of goodness that I started with many years because of the time and effort to do his work, but my love for acting is my first study and profession before the media. I came back to act again and I am still in the eyes of directors and producers as an anchor who wants to act, I knew that to take a place as an actress I had to I leave the media like – with memorizing the titles – Dalia El-Behairy, Basma, Dina Fawad, Dina El-Sherbiny and others, but I was not able to leave my message that was very important at the time, I had many problems from this profession under the false influence of social media from competitors and enemies because of the very high viewing and success. .

Reham Said in her post

Saeed added, “I am tired and feel that I have presented everything that can come forward, and the state is working on it, and I do not need the role of civil society in helping people, but I have the honor to work in this great profession that has a lofty and great message, and I am honored that I was a media person in the most difficult time that I have been through.” The media in the days of the Brotherhood rule, thank God, we had a clear and unchanging position, not a minute. I, thank God, I investigated acting and everyone I worked with knew with people and worked in all valuable works, but after the sugar and some other problems I decided to work for my love, I unfortunately announced my retirement from the media completely and focused As an actress, I will ask Dr. Ashraf Zaki to help me change the idea in the minds of directors and producers that I am a broadcaster.

Reham Said 2
Riham Said

And she continued, “And a message to Professor Kamel Abu Zekry, and I am not blinded. I am acting with you, even if this scene is one of my dreams. It is a difficult step and there is a big risk in it, but at least I followed my dream even when I was at this age. It is time for me to enjoy his work and his love, especially when it is in an age.” And there is no mediation or favoritism that will strive to reach, do not forget your dream no matter how late the time, by thanking my audience of mothers, youth and children who always support me and love my programs and learn from them, and thanks to our Lord for twenty years of giving me the opportunity in them that I meet people’s needs and offer everything that is useful, proud of every episode and every A letter presented by 20 years of fatigue, staying up late, and determination to present the truth.

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