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Released reimagined images of John Glenn’s first orbital flight around Earth

British science writer Andrew Saunders, who is producing a book on early American spaceflight, has unveiled reimagined images to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the historic Earth orbit of Mercury 7 astronaut John Glenn. The images show Glenn at key stages of the mission in unprecedented detail.

And according to the British newspaper, “Daily Mail,” the scientific writer regularly publishes photos on Instagram from this famous era of human space travel, before releasing his collection. Apollo Remastered in September.

Glenn was a member of NASA’s legendary Mercury 7 group of astronauts, and became the first American to orbit Earth on February 20, 1962.

John Glenn

Saunders took snapshots of the capsule, the archive producer for the Apollo 11 movie, and assembled each frame in a similar way to astronomers when creating beautiful views of space. It is a small movie.


John Herschel Glenn was the third American in space, after Alan Shepard and Virgin Grissom, but the first to orbit the Earth, and managed to achieve this around the planet three times.

orbital flight around the earth
orbital flight around the earth

His flight, known as Friendship 7, saw Glenn launch onto an Atlas rocket in the Mercury spacecraft, spending four hours and 55 minutes orbiting the Earth.

It was seen as a huge success for NASA, which was under increasing pressure from the Soviet Union in space, also known as the mission Mercury-Atlas 6It helped establish NASA and the United States as a powerful competitor in the space race with the Soviet Union.