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Reliable sources reveal the secret religion of the owner of the Birds of Paradise channel + Khaled Miqdad), which he hid from his wife and all his children!

Sources revealed, is Khaled Miqdad a Shiite or a Sunni, how old is he, the number of his children and other information that we provide to you through the following report.

It is worth noting that the artist Khaled Miqdad holds Jordanian citizenship, but he spent his childhood in Palestine. He was born in Kuwait on January 1, 1972, and is 49 years old.

Khaled Miqdad became famous by presenting children’s songs with his children, and after his success, he decided to launch the Birds of Paradise channel, and soon it became one of the most important satellite channels specialized in the children’s world, with more than 22 million followers daily.

Is Khaled Miqdad a Shiite or a Sunni? Many citizens in Saudi Arabia and various countries of the Arab world, followers of the Birds of Paradise channel, wondered what the religion of Khaled Miqdad is, ie his sect is Sunni or Shiite, and according to what informed sources said, he is a Sunni Muslim.

The artist Khaled Miqdad is considered one of the people who attracts great popularity in the Arab world, especially among children, because he was able to inaugurate this giant edifice called “Birds of Paradise”.

At first, he succeeded, accompanied by her children, in making the channel among the satellite channels that broadcast on Nilesat in the list of the most watched.

Six children were delegated from her, and they are (Walid, Al-Mu’tasim Billah, Jani, Iyad, Gad and Sanad. Miqdad started his singing activity in 2008, the year he launched his official channel “Toyor Al-Jannah”

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