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Removal of encroachments on state property lands in the village of “Abu Ghosoun” in Marsa Alam

Removal of encroachments on state property lands in the village of “Abu Ghosoun” in Marsa Alam

cost Major General Wassef AdlyThe mayor of Marsa Alam city, Hussein Saleh, head of the village of Abu Ghosoun, to remove the encroachments on the lands of state property in the village of Abu Ghosoun, in coordination with the citizens, where the infringements were removed amicably.

The mayor of Marsa Alam city stressed the continuation of campaigns to implement decisions to remove infringements, in implementation of the political leadership’s directives not to be lenient and to respond decisively to cases of seizure, encroachment and construction on state property lands, and work to quickly recover them in order to enhance the principle of the rule of law.

On the other hand, I managed Public Authority for Roads and Bridges The Red Sea branch, from removing granite blocks at kilo 51 “Bernice – Marsa Alam” road, in addition to restoring potholes on the road, in coordination with the Red Sea Governorate and the security services.

The ninth area of ​​the Roads and Bridges Authority had received a notification of rock blocks lying on the “Bernice – Marsa Alam” road, which led to the closure of an entire lane that fell from one of the marble and granite transport vehicles, due to the negligence of some drivers in tying and securing the cargo.

As soon as the signal was received, the engineer of the authority in Marsa Alam was directed to the site for inspection and insurance until the equipment arrived to remove the stones, in coordination with the Traffic Department, the Police Department and the Marsa Alam City Council. .

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