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Repeat loop | The founder Othman series, episode 77, with Arabic subtitles, a love story

The founder Othman series, episode 77, with Arabic subtitles, a love story, we review for you the most prominent and important details that came in episode 77 of the Othman Resurrection series on the Turkish ATV channel and the Algerian Al-Fajr channel. Learn about all the events and a comprehensive analysis of the seventy-seventh episode of the founder Othman, Kosis and Maria have united with Osman, does Rogatos agree with Kosis or betray him, the fate of Gunduz and Minister Alamuddin Shah and his plans against Othman, as we learn about revealing the secrets of Connor Alp, and it should be noted that the date of the presentation of the 77th episode is today, Thursday, December 30, 2021 on the Yarmouk satellite channel, So follow all the information in this article.

The Resurrection of Othman series, episode 77, complete and subtitled

Kossis, Maria and Turgut became one hand with Osman, how would Osman benefit from them and why did Osman agree to Kossis’s talk with Maria, the plan that Osman drew was to entrap the rulers with each other and take advantage of that against the minister and reveal their secrets, actually Osman also plans his innocence to the minister and also prove the deception of the Sultan The Seljuk flag Shah with the rulers against the state and against the Turkish tribes, so there will be revenge from Kosis on Nikola, Rogatos ally with Nikola to eliminate Kosis on the pretext that Kosis is cooperating with Osman, but what if Kosis unites with Rogatos, what will happen.

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The founder Othman series, episode 77, with Arabic subtitles, a love story

What is the fate of Gunduz, surely Gunduz does not want to betray, but he does not see the truth and he is oblivious and does not think like his brother Othman, as he was on the path of his uncle Dundar to preserve the tribe. The immorality of the Seljuk state of the Mongol Khanate state, and how it was spoiling relations, spreading sedition, interfering between tribes and exploiting their weaknesses in order to control and occupy them, and the writer justifies us how Othman defected from them.

The channel that transmits the series “The Resurrection of Othman 77”

The seventy-seventh episode will be shown on the Yarmouk satellite channel, this evening, Thursday, December 30, 2021, at exactly seven o’clock in the evening, Jordan, Palestine and Egypt time, and at eight o’clock the time of Saudi Arabia and Qatar, and at nine o’clock UAE time, and we know with you the frequency of the Yarmouk channel on Satellite Nilesat.

Frequency Coding parameter polarization error correction factor
11678 27500 vertical 6/5

The seventy-seventh episode of the series The Resurrection of the Founder Othman will be repeated today, Friday, December 31, 2021, and the replay begins at noon today at exactly one o’clock Cairo and Al-Quds Al-Sharif, and at two o’clock Mecca and Doha time, and we will follow with you in the upcoming articles the most important announcements of the seventy-eighth episode, be Always with us to find out what’s new.

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