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Repetition is the science of the ass!!  Written by: Sadiq Al-Samarrai

Repetition is the science of the ass!! Written by: Sadiq Al-Samarrai

With all due respect to the donkey on its back, humanity has built its civilization, but it is a common example that throws the donkey unjustly with stupidity, and it is only a soft creature for what it was created for, and it has great value in our lives, but humans deny the beautiful and this is his disgraceful nature.
But our subject is repetition, meaning repetition of the subject, idea, or behavior. Repetition establishes information in the brains, teaches behavior by imitation, and creates nervous associations of behavioral value.
In order to memorize, you must repeat reading what you want to memorize, and in order to learn a skill, you must repeat it, until it turns into a behavior that does not require intellectual and mental effort, as it was at the beginning of learning it.
Repetition is a method that schools, groups, creeds, and parties use to consolidate their beliefs and slogans, and reinforce them with behaviors with high emotional energies that disrupt the foundations of understanding and perception, until the will of repetition dominates minds and ideas.
And you find us in our reality condemned to repetition, in front of speeches, writings and statements that repeat the same name and repeat it, so that it is entrenched in people’s minds and becomes an educated behavior.
Corruption – for example – was repeated until it became an acceptable situation that does not provoke resentment, rejection and disgust, but rather has a social value and a means of rapid, obscene enrichment.
Therefore, the behavior of corruption has become comprehensive and active in the life of society, and it is difficult to recover from it, because it is entrenched in the depths of souls and passed down from generations against their will.
Here they are repeating, and by their repetition they invest, and the people conspire and dominate, and those who do not follow them impose on them the power of repetition, which is reinforced by military and chaotic capabilities that are capable of removing him from the trend of seizing the fate of the herd!!
So why not repeat the good instead of the bad in our lives?!!

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