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Report: Britain heats up due to climate change

Report: Britain heats up due to climate change

Britain has become humid and hot as a result of climate change, with 10 of the hottest years in the last 100 years occurring since 2002, a report released by leading meteorologists said on Thursday.

The UK’s annual climate report, published in the International Meteorological Survey, ranks fifth in terms of rainfall in 2020 and third in temperature that lasts until the 19th century. Last year’s average winter temperature was 5.3 degrees Celsius (41.5 degrees Fahrenheit), 1.6 degrees Celsius higher than the 1981-2010 average.

Summer temperatures were 14.4 (C (58.6 F) 0.4 ° C above average, reaching 34 ° C (93.2 ° F) for six consecutive days in August 2020.

The report predicts that Britain’s summer temperatures will reach 40 degrees Celsius (104 degrees Fahrenheit) in the coming years, even if the world achieves its goal of controlling global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius above pre – industrial levels.

The highest temperature ever recorded in the UK was 38.7 C (101.7 ° F) in July 2019 in Cambridge.

Liz Bentley, chief executive of the Royal Meteorological Association, said the world was already experiencing extreme temperatures as temperatures rose 1.1 to 1.2 degrees Celsius above industrial pre-levels.

Bentley said: “We will see 40C in the UK, however we have never seen this kind of temperature[இதற்கு முன்]. When we reach 1.5C of global warming, it does not become the one we see once or twice. It will start to change into the one we usually see. “

These numbers point to a new nature in the UK, said Mike Kenton, meteorologist at the Meteorological Office and editor-in-chief of the report, whose country is known for its complex weather.

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“In the last 10 to seven years, we’ve seen 34 degrees Celsius in the UK compared to seven in the previous 50 years. So this is an indication that our climate base is changing, and what we normally think is changing.”