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Report: Britain wants long-term gas deal with Qatar

Reuters Issei Kato

LNG tanker

The Financial Times reported that “the British government has contacted Qatar regarding support for the Gulf gas supply.”

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Britain is consulting in preparation for a trade deal with the Gulf states

AndThe newspaper quoted Informed sources said, “British ministers and their colleagues, the world’s largest liquefied natural gas exporter, have been negotiating a long-term deal in which Qatar will become a supplier of a last-ditch effort, while Qatar has returned four large tankers.” United Kingdom in the last two weeks.

A source familiar with the talks told the Financial Times, “The shipment came after British Prime Minister Boris Johnson sought help from Emir of Qatar Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani.”

Deficits in gas supplies around the world have pushed up prices in recent months, plaguing the most energetic businesses and suppliers in the UK, and many consumers are facing a steep rise in house prices.

As one source put it, “London is looking forward to a long-term deal due to concerns about increasing competition for LNG supplies with Asia.” .

Another person familiar with the debate added: “The UK understands that a long-term agreement is needed to achieve a sustainable energy supply to the point where carbon becomes neutral, but it is not yet clear how to do this.”

Gas accounts for about 40% of UK electricity generation and heats most homes, and the newspaper says it is expected to be a major fuel by 2050, even though the country has a net zero target.

One source pointed out that Qatar had not responded to similar demands from the European Union in 2018 due to a European Commission inquiry into state-owned contracts called “Qatar Energy”, which Doha described as “unfounded”.

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Source: “Financial Times”