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تقرير يرجح إسقاط آبل ميزة "إلغاء الضوضاء" المدمج على iPhone 13

Report suggests that Apple will drop the built-in “noise cancellation” feature on the iPhone 13

9to5Mac mentioned that Apple’s “Noise Cancellation” feature was a staple of previous iPhones, but may have been permanently removed from the iPhone 13 series, and this feature is designed to “reduce noise around phone calls when you place the receiver next to your ear”, a feature that can It helps make calls easier to hear, according to an engadged report.

And phone noise cancellation is not available on iPhone 13 models, which is why you don’t see this option in Settings [إمكانية الوصول] ,” Apple Support said for one of the 9to5Mac readers when the reader asked for clarification that the feature was “not supported.”

Questions about noise canceling surfaced on Reddit and Apple support pages shortly after the phone went on sale, with readers noting that it was no longer available on the Accessibility page. The feature is still available with iOS 15 on previous iPhone models, but it can’t be found in any Place in iPhone 13.

Noise Cancellation typically uses the iPhone’s camera microphone to detect and remove ambient noise around you, so you can easily hear the other person on the phone or FaceTime call – something that can be valuable for the hearing impaired, and the issue only applies if you’re using the phone alone without earphones Apple’s AirPods are noise-canceling, so Apple introduced the sound-isolating feature with iOS 15.) Apple has yet to officially confirm that the feature has been permanently removed on iPhone 13 devices, and so far the only word about it has come indirectly from Apple Support, and on this As Engadget has contacted Apple for further clarification.

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