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Report: The northern defector who crossed the border to the north disappeared a day before crossing the border


The border between North Korea and South Korea

A Seoul report confirmed that the North Korean defector, who crossed the border into North Korea nearly a year after he sought refuge in South Korea, disappeared on December 31, one day before crossing the border.

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South Korea: The person who crossed the inter-Korean border at the weekend is a North Korean defector

“I’ve lived here for 8 years, but I’ve only seen the defector 3-4 times,” the defector’s neighbor, who lives in an apartment building in Seoul’s Nowon district, was quoted by Yonhap News Agency as saying, where the defector has been living since last March.

He added, “I watched the defector get rid of a nearly new blanket and mattress when I returned from the dawn prayer at seven o’clock in the morning of December 31, and I think that his behavior was strange, because what he was getting rid of were almost new.”

Other neighbors said they had never spoken to the defector, had not even heard the sounds of daily life from his home, and had not seen people coming into or out of his home.

They reported that a number of North Korean defectors and Chinese citizens of Korean origin live in this apartment complex, but they did not imagine him going to North Korea again.

The defector had been living alone there since last March, in difficult economic conditions while working as a cleaning service.

In the process of investigation, it was confirmed that the defector attempted to identify travel to China and Russia while preparing to go to North Korea, but no further signs were found, and eventually, crossed the border back into North Korea.

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Source: Yonhap