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تقرير: هل يقضى MacBook Pro من آبل على جهاز Mac Pro؟

Report: Will Apple’s MacBook Pro Kill the Mac Pro?

enjoy chips M1 Max And M1 Pro The new product from Apple has been highly praised since its launch in the latestMacBook ProCompared with one of the modern standards with a device Mac Pro For 2019 – which is not good news for your $6000 desktop.

In a standard test for ProRes , prove device MacBook Pro What’s new is that it is three times faster than Mac Pro. What does that mean for the future Mac Pro?

There were many benchmarks to compare M1 Max And M1 Pro With platforms based on windows , but the latest and greatest chips have rarely been tested An apple Versus its previous high-end version, which is 2019 Mac Pro Intel based.

The purpose of the test was to measure how long it takes MacBook Pro New for video exporting ProRes Then test how long it takes Mac Pro to do the same. Additional testing has been carried out as Mac Pro card burning , with the aim of increasing the speed of video export.

In export speed test ProRes , It took M1 Max MacBook Pro 76 Just seconds to complete the task. It took Mac Pro Much longer time: 233 seconds. When processing a card burning , time reduced to 153 seconds.

This means that the device MacBook Pro based on M1 Max Three times faster than a device Mac Pro based on Intel Corporation (at least in this scenario), and two times faster compared to a device Mac Pro card provider burning, the result is good for a slice M1 Max New especially given that Mac Pro It was always the best that Apple had to offer.

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The test was performed by Macworld, the best possible composition of 2019 Mac Pro including handler Intel Xeon W It has 28 cores which is what we need to try to match the Apple Silicon in MacBook Pro. It is noteworthy that the use of the card burning Equivalent to a decoder ProRes one, while MacBook Pro On my devices encoder and decrypt ProRes , which puts a device Mac Pro Immediately at a disadvantage.

Although a device MacBook Bros It’s the best at the moment, but things may change in 2022. Several rumors indicate that An apple Preparing to launch two models of Mac Pro Next year, one depends on the chip Intel Corporation The other is on silicon An apple. Given that a device Mac Pro It has historically been the best show An apple The 2022 version may provide unparalleled performance.