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Reporting: The Ministry of Health must determine the opening of kindergartens in the neighborhoods today, not Friday

Reporting: The Ministry of Health must determine the opening of kindergartens in the neighborhoods today, not Friday

Updates: 22.04.2021 12:57

PRAGUE – Education Minister Robert Plaga (for YES) wants the Ministry of Health to clarify today, at the latest, the regions in which kindergarten will be open to all children from Monday. Today, according to Blaga, this is the threshold for kindergarten so it can prepare to resume operations from Monday. The minister stated this in a statement provided by his spokesperson Anita Lednova to ČTK. On Wednesday, Prime Minister Andre Babis (YES) said the final decision in regions where kindergartens will open from April 26 will be announced by Health Minister Peter Arenberger (to YES) Friday around 1 p.m. But the then Minister of Health Twitter He wrote that he would announce the decision early Thursday, once he had the current data.

According to Arenberger’s statement released on Monday, they will be able to open kindergartens in the regions from April 26, with the weekly increase in new cases of covidem-19 less than 100 cases per 100,000 inhabitants. According to Babish’s statement on Wednesday, the decision could be based on the epidemiological situation in individual provinces, not regions. Children in Karlovy Vary and Hradec Králové regions can return to kindergarten, as well as in Domažlice and Tachov regions in Plzeň and Nymburk in Central Bohemia and Semily district in Liberec region, according to information from hygienists published today on Twitter.

According to Balaga, the regions were not identified earlier because epidemiologists wanted to wait until Thursday to assess the data on the spread of the disease. However, he was surprised by the news that the Arnburger should not report the decision on Friday. He stressed that he has repeatedly warned the Minister of Health and the Prime Minister that schools need more information in advance. “Once again, I will appeal to the Minister of Health today, when I think Thursday is the deadline for kindergarten administrators to have time to prepare for that if the pupils are to return to the territories on Monday,” he said.

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According to Plaga, the best measures in education should be decided one week in advance, but no later than midweek. “Even the simple fact that he has to prepare from an organizational point of view, and of course buy ingredients for snacks, snacks and lunches, although they may sound funny, so the school or kindergarten can definitely not prepare them when he learns and Friday evening explained that he is in” It should open on Monday, “he said, adding that he would insist that the Ministry of Health communicate more information in advance next time.

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