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Reports: Myanmar forces burn 11 people alive in revenge attack


According to reports and witnesses, government forces in Myanmar raided a small village in the northwest of the country, arresting civilians, handcuffing them, and then burning them alive, in an apparent response to an attack on a military convoy.

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Video clip following Tuesday’s raid showed the charred bodies of 11 victims, some believed to be teenagers, dumped in a circle amid what appeared to be the remains of a hut in Don Tao Village, Sage District.

Anger spread with the sharing of photos on social media.

Today, Thursday, Human Rights Watch called on the international community to ensure that the names of the leaders who ordered this crime are added to targeted sanctions lists, and more broadly, to intensify efforts to cut off any source of funding for the Myanmar army.

“Our sources say these were just young villagers who were caught in the wrong place at the wrong time,” said Amnesty International spokeswoman Mani Maung.

She added that “similar incidents occur regularly, but this incident was captured on camera.”

And she continued: “This incident is very shameless, and it took place in an area that was intended to be reached and seen in order to frighten people.”

The photos have not been independently verified, but one of the accounts a person gave to the Associated Press said he was present when these photos were taken, and are broadly consistent with the descriptions of the incident reported by independent Myanmar media.

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Source: Associated Press