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تقارير تكشف ارتفاع عدد الإصابات بمتحور جديد من أوميكرون فى الولايات المتحدة

Reports reveal a high number of infections with a new Omicron mutant in the US

According to “Scientific Alert”, Youm7 TV provided special coverage on the emergence of a new mutant from the coronavirus, where researchers explained: PA.4.6This is one of the covid mutant omicrons.

On August 14, the Institute of Health Protection in the United Kingdom created a mutant Omicron. PA.4.6 About 3.3% of samples in the UK accounted for 9% of serial cases, and according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, PA.4.6 It now accounts for more than 9% of recent cases across the United States.

Science Alert Explained, PA.4.6 Follow along BA.4 From an omicron, that is, it is a mutant of the covid omicron, which was discovered BA.4 It was first introduced in South Africa in January 2022 and later spread worldwide with a mutant BA.5It is not clear how it appeared PA.4.6But it could be a recombinant mutant.

The statement added PA.4.6 It will be similar BA.4 However, in many ways, the new mutant has a mutation in the spike protein, a protein found on the surface of the virus that allows it to enter our cells..

The report explained that Omicron infection causes less severe disease, meaning its symptoms are fewer, but we also know that Omicron submutants are more contagious than previous variants..

And Oxford University reported that people who received three doses of the “Covid” vaccine from Pfizer made fewer antibodies in response to the virus. PA.4.6 Compared to BA.4 Or BA.5This is worrisome because vaccines may be less effective against Covid PA.4.6.