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Reports reveal the upcoming Motorola Razr 3 phone is imminent in my country

Reports reveal the upcoming Motorola Razr 3 phone is imminent in my country

It seems that Motorola is actually planning to launch a new version of its foldable phone Motorola Razr after the latter was part of the first wave of foldable smartphones, and according to information, the new one will be available soon.

And the Android Authority website indicated that the CEO of the Chinese company Lenovo, owner of Motorola, “Chen Jin” indicated on the social networking platform Weibo that the third generation of the Motorola Razr foldable is in preparation. According to machine translation, the new foldable phone will have improved power, a modified interface and a better appearance. It also looks like the phone could launch in China first.

The site, which was the first to monitor the news, indicated that Motorola will enter a more competitive field of foldable phones with its third-generation effort. For example, Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip 3 comes in at just $999 and offers features like water resistance, a tougher screen, and groundbreaking power. Huawei has also announced the nearly $1,400 Pocket P50 that offers a large battery for a quirky, foldable clamshell camera setup.

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