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تقارير: السودان يفقد بعض العسكريين في اشتباكات مع ميليشيات إثيوبية

Reports: Sudan loses some soldiers in clashes with E militias

10:14 PM

Saturday 24 July 2021

Sudanese military sources confirmed to the Saudi Al-Sharq channel that some Sudanese soldiers were missing in the clashes with the Ethiopian side, and their fate is still unknown.
Sudanese media had reported the killing of a Sudanese soldier in clashes with Ethiopian militias in the border area of ​​Basanda.
On Saturday, the Sudanese authorities closed the border crossing between Sudan and Ethiopia, after Ethiopian militias took away the commander of the “Al-Qalabat” military area, according to the “Sudan Tribune” website.
The website said that Captain Bahaa El Din Youss, the commander of the Al-Qalabat Military District, was taken away while he was pursuing Ethiopian militias who had kidnapped three Sudanese children from inside the border yesterday, Friday.
According to the Sudan Tribune, the Ethiopian militias took children between the ages of 10 and 15 years from the “Falata” tribes, while they were grazing cows near the “Galabat” adjacent to the Ethiopian city of “Al Matma” in the Amhara region, to an unknown destination.
The military movements revealed the presence of the kidnapped children in the “Thalaat Qatati” area, accompanied by an Ethiopian militia trying to contact their families to request a ransom in exchange for their release.
According to the “Sudan Tribune”, the Ethiopian word is witnessing a heavy security presence in conjunction with the arrival of a high-ranking security, military and political delegation to discuss the repercussions of the security situation and to intervene to contain the crisis between the two countries.
On June 20, military leaders in Sudan and Ethiopia agreed to calm the security situation on the border strip and transfer border disputes to the political leadership of the two countries, but the attacks of Ethiopian militias backed by official forces on Sudanese farmers quickly caused the collapse of this agreement.

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