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تقارير: ويمبلي يقترب من استضافة 60 ألف مشجع بنهائي يورو

Reports: Wembley is close to delivering 60,000 fans at the Euro Final

04:11 pm

June 21, 2021 Monday

I wrote – Menna Omar:

According to European sources, there is an immediate agreement between the European Football Association “UEFA” and the United Kingdom to bring 60,000 fans to the European finals.

The Euro 2020 tournament will take place in various countries, with Wembley Stadium hosting the final on July 11.

According to The Telegraph, the UK government and the UEFA are close to reaching an agreement that 60,000 fans will attend the Euro final at Wembley Stadium, and that 2,500 media and VIPs will be exempted from traveling to the UK to attend the tournament.

Last Friday, the report pointed out that the UEFA had put forward plans to avoid long-term self-isolation of fans and celebrities after arriving in the UK, but British Prime Minister Boris Johnson insisted that public health should be a priority.

The UEFA has pointed out that travel restrictions for the United Kingdom are very tight, demanding that it be made easier for fans and celebrities to attend the finals, especially since most euro-participating countries have been added to the red list for travel (their passengers must be isolated for 10 days before entering London). .

According to the newspaper, the UEFA said in its letter: “We are pleased that the capacity at Wembley will rise to at least 50 per cent.”

He added: “At this time, we are in discussions with the local authorities to allow the fans to participate in the tournament. We understand the pressures facing the government and hope that a satisfactory conclusion can be reached in this matter.”

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The report points out that the results will be released next Tuesday, and that allowing the media, sponsors and celebrities to attend the competition will determine whether the final will take place in London or move to another country, such as Hungary, which has more travel restrictions. Flexible.