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Representatives: Amendments to the “Police Academy” law are an employment of knowledge in the security field

I wrote – Nora Fakhry

Tuesday, April 11, 2023 12:12 PM

The plenary session of the House of Representatives, chaired by Counselor Dr. Hanafi Jabali, witnessed the support of a draft law submitted by the government to amend some provisions of Law No. 91 of 1975 establishing the Police Academy, especially what is confirmed by the Ministry of Interior’s interest in developing and rehabilitating the human element, and its constant concern to raise the level of the academy’s students. .

In this regard, Major General Ahmed Al-Awadi, Chairman of the Defense and National Security Committee, stressed the national role played by the Ministry of Interior in securing the home front and facing all the challenges facing the country, indicating that the legislative amendments come in light of keeping pace with development, especially within the framework of the new security policy. Which is based on comprehensive security and the development of all security capabilities in all police aspects.

Al-Awadi drew attention to the project’s interest in the human element, through scientific foundations that allow it to qualify to be able to face difficulties and challenges, in addition to the fact that it comes within the framework of the Ministry’s keenness to update its legislation.

Representative Ibrahim Al-Masry, Undersecretary of the Defense and National Security Committee, confirmed that the amendments come within the framework of the new approach and the keenness to update security legislation to keep pace with all scientific developments and graduate officers who are psychologically disciplined and scientifically qualified.

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For his part, Representative Muhammad Salah Abu Hamila, head of the parliamentary body of the Republican People’s Party, thanked, appreciated and appreciated all the officers and soldiers of the Ministry of Interior for their efforts to protect and secure the country, expressing his pride in the services provided by the ministry.

Abu Hamila said that the draft law is the seventh amendment to the law, and in this regard we commend the Ministry of Interior for its keenness to develop its legislation whenever necessary, to keep up with developments that accompany police activities in the world, as well as scientific progress in the security aspect, pointing out that the amendments are an example To employ science in the service of security purposes, as well as the creation of important scientific councils.

In his turn, Representative Hisham Helal, head of the Parliamentary Committee of the Modern Egypt Party, affirmed that the Ministry of Interior played its role to the fullest, pointing out that it stood with the armed forces to preserve the capabilities of the homeland, in addition to the victims and martyrs it provided for the stability of Egypt.

Helal pointed to the role of the Ministry of the Interior, not only in security, but also in a social role, perhaps foremost among them is the “We are all one” initiative to provide basic commodities for Egyptian families.