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Rescuers had to spend a stray whale in the River Thames

Rescuers had to spend a stray whale in the River Thames

The lost whales were first spotted Sunday night by people in a lockdown in the London Borough of Richmond, in the southwest of the British capital. Rescuers saved the whale for several hours and then helped it less than 2 km downstream of the Thames. However, Kytovec headed upstream again and hung up again.

“It will wipe out the whale. Paramedic Julia Keppel said that she has been suffering a lot for about 45 minutes, and Paramedic Julia Capel said that albedo is getting a high dose of anesthesia and feels nothing but an injection. We are just trying to alleviate her suffering.” Rescue later they killed the whale.

According to Kabul, it is possible that the young are still dependent on the mother and thus cannot be returned to their natural habitat in the North Sea. The rescue operation, which reported that the whale did not have enough food in the River Thames, said, “It’s a bad thing with nutrients. Either it separated from its mother too soon or something happened.”

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Photo: Reuters

“This animal comes from the north of the North Sea – so it is hundreds of miles away from where it should be. The whale lies a hundred miles from the mouth of the Thames to the North Sea. Martin Garside of the London Port Authority said earlier … no.” There are traces of his mother. “

The flounder is the smallest of all skeletons, and is a suborder of cetaceans. It grows to about eight to nine meters. These whales prefer cooler temperatures and feed on a varied diet from krill and small crustaceans to smaller fish. The presence of a representative of this species in the River Thames is more than unusual and it is not yet clear why this cub is moving away from its natural waters.

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“The whale may have gone missing while viewing prey, or it might be sick or injured,” said Danny Groves of the WDC’s Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society.

Likewise, many whales and dolphins are in trouble because, for example, they collide with a ship at sea, get caught by fishing nets, or be seduced by submarine noise caused by seismic oil and gas exploration, or by loud underwater sonar in military exercises. Groves added.

In 2006, a young male arnaca whale died in the River Thames and was dehydrated because it could not feed it there. In 2018, Northern Beluga also wandered downstream.