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Researchers are studying the impact of the epidemic on Vda cancer prevention

Washington John Abraham’s colonoscopy was postponed for several milliseconds due to the epidemic. When it got to the horse, it was poured out a lot to remove during a protective move. Ibrahim had to wait a few weeks for the operation and it took several weeks before he discovered the tumor was harmless, according to the Associated Press.

Of course, how much, if I had to go to the time I was, if everything was different, if I could avoid the process, to Abraham, a mortgage bank from Peoria, Illinois.

When covid-19 flooded medical facilities in the United States and elsewhere in the world last spring, millions of colonoscopies, mammograms, lung exams, cell tests and other preventive cancer-related tests were put off for months. Researchers are now studying the effects of this failure. Among other things, they find out how many cancer patients have not recognized you and whether tumors have been detected since preventive testing was resumed at an advanced stage.

But for some scientists, they have noticed the first signs of a problem. Experts from the University of Cincinnati found that when hospitals resumed CT scans in June, 29 percent of patients had a suspected result, compared with eight percent in previous years.

Several studies indicate that in 2020, cancer was diagnosed in a patient’s sweat, possibly due to poor prevention. About 75 cancer organizations recently called for a return to preventive abortions at the same scale as they were before the pandemic, as soon as the situation permits.

Cancer takes years to emerge, and some first suggest that a few shrubs in preventative treatments for some types of cancer may not be as problematic as some fear. For example, researchers in the Netherlands found that fundus mammography does not lead to a large number of precancerous tumors present in later stages.

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A pandemic in this area has brought some creative things, like using a test that can be done at home. In Philadelphia, for example, a large church has joined local hospitals and has linked a ligament vaccination program in a so-called driving program to a stool sample that is tested for colon cancer.

Zbitin Mar.

Reverend Leroy Miles of the Baptist Church said: Let’s not be afraid to try everything when it comes to health. Mo encouraged women to get tested, and I had a mammogram. And I said: Sir, you also have a fat Steve, add.

If preventive tests are implicated in the associated risks and benefits, health professionals will be taught for a long time who to take and how often. Epidemiological failure could be a natural experiment to demonstrate the value of these tests compared to older studies.

The differences in sweating wouldn’t be traceable for years, as it is only one of many factors that can help cancer patients. Bad even for a pound – and the epidemic has delayed it that way.

Dr. Ned Sharpless, of the US National Cancer Institute, estimates that the next decade may record 10,000 excess deaths due to the primary diagnosis of breast and colon cancer.

Sharblos wrote in an article published by the British newspaper The Guardian that the delay was reasonable in the past, because the benefits outweighed the risks of exposure to Covid-19 infection, but the gas bag was late to turn one public health crisis into several others. Science Magazine.

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